Balasore Municipal Council
Marriage Registration Services


Mandatory documents required to upload for Marriage Application.

1. Joint marriage photograph of bride and groom

2. Joint marriage affidavit

3. Invitation card from Bride

4. Invitation card from Groom

5. ID Proof of Legal Guardian of Bride

6. ID Proof of Legal Guardian of Groom

7. Witness ID Proof from Bride side

8. Witness ID Proof from Groom side

9. ID/Age proof of Bride

10. ID/Age proof of Groom

A marriage certificate is an official statement that two people are married. In most jurisdictions, a marriage certificate is issued by a government official only after the civil registration of the marriage.

A marriage which has already been solemnized can be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable in cases where both husband and wife are Hindus, Buddhists, Joins or Sikhs or where they have converted into any of these religions.

By registering a solemnized marriage in an official government record a married couple can avail the marriage certificate which states that the marriage is registered and is considered legal under civil jurisdiction

By clicking on "Apply For Marriage Registration" link, a form will be generated which the citizen can fill to register the details of his/her marriage and submit the same for verification and registration under the the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Citizens can also click on the "Search Marriage Registration/Application", to search for their Marriage Registration and make the registration payments if necessary and also makes changes or corrections in their Marriage Registration Certificate if required.

Citizens can also apply for the Correction of their Marriage Registration Certificate by clicking on the "Apply For Correction" button.